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LADIES NIGHT! Peanut Butter Cup Challenge!

It’s Friday night and Patrick decides to have some adult juice for the first time in a couple weeks, and it goes off the rails very quickly. Slurred speech and lack of ability to focus are only the beginning of the derailment of this train. Patrick announces a goal for the night and the expiriment doesn’t necessarily go as planned. Find out why peanut butter cup wrappers and paper towels are flying arounf the studio for the majority of this over four hour long debacle of a program. Patrick spills so much drink that nothing may work again. We watch a video of Aaron Imholte from Steel Toe Morning Show where he opens up about his beta relationship with April Imholte. It’s very funny and very cringe. All the women of the chat gang up on Patrick and call the show to prove they are real ladies, and Earl Skakel missed it all.

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Aftershow 1379: Zoom Comedy, Triggers

Patrick kicks off the show by trying to show off a new app that has been developed just for desperate comedians. As if Zoom shows are not bad enough, now there’s an app that let’s “comedians” perform live nightly to earn worthless points for twos of people. It’s getting rough out there. Patrick has trouble getting his iPad to display correctly on the stream. We watch a really cringe video with a conservative black commentator named Jesse Lee Peterson with comedians Shang and Ty Barnett. The comic duo seem to be confused about whether they are being held down or thriving in this era of racism. We learn what Christmas crackers are, because it’s not really an American thing. Long story short for anyone who doesn’t know – it’s not worth learning about.