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NLO 594: Buffet Sinners

Patrick is still in Las Vegas wrapping up stand-up shows with Dan Gabriel. In this episode, Patrick talks to Dan about the how and when of masturbation. We’re talking the real naughty details, here. They

NLO Shows

NLO 593: Hash House

Patrick is still in Sin City, and his old buddy Chef is in town hanging out as well. On this episode, Chef revisits NLO and talks about his bad luck at the poker table. Don’t

NLO Shows

NLO 592: Concentration Camp

Patrick is in Las Vegas with comedian Dan Gabriel. Patrick talks with Dan about the dangers and effects of coffee, married life, and more. The two talk about the passing of fellow comic Greg Giraldo,

NLO Shows

NLO 543: Bjorgenflug

Chef is in Los Angeles and is back to bring his sarcastic brand of mediocrity to the show he once frequented back in Florida. Patrick and Chef talk about everything from their short stay in

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NLO 531: Vegas Is Easy

Patrick is in Las Vegas doing some comedy recon and enjoying some free nights at The Palazzo resort and casino. It’s super fancy, and Patrick is sharing the digs with friend and comedian, as well

NLO Shows

NLO 425: Gravy Dick

In this show we talk about upcoming adventures. We’re headed to London and Paris in November, Patrick is headed back to Houston and Biloxi next week, and Patrick and Shannon will be in Las Vegas

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Shooby Smokes Herb

In Las Vegas in 2008, Nobody Likes Onions had a fan meetup and a comedy show. Then-fan and now-intern Shooby was talked in to smoking a little something-something in another listener’s hotel room.  … This