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NLO 1072: So-chella

Shooby aka Snooby sits in for a show today to talk about his issues. His latest issue, which is introduced by a brand new Shooby News theme, is leaving a nice bowl of pee for Patrick each morning in the bathroom. Patrick is off to Los Angeles and Las Vegas this week, on a whim, […]

AS 1061 – Jake Lloyd, D-Fritz, COOL CAT

Patrick is joined by Jake Lloyd and ya boi for the last aftershow in LA. We chat with fans in a Google hangout, including Candita, Cory and more. We also prank call Cool Cat and get a phone call from a very angry Daddy Derrick.    

NLO 1061: Friending Fritz

It’s our very last show in the Los Angeles studio, and it’s a doozy. The studio is filled with regular favorites D-Fritz and Jake Lloyd, and it’s going to go from one end of the awkward spectrum to the other. The first hour or so of the show is a real battle royale of an […]

NLO 1057: Jordan_Soccer

Jake Lloyd is in the studio for a special surprise show. Patrick talks about some inside stuff, including the recent marathon show, the status of the move to NYC, and rants about his A/C repairman and how restaurants protect their salsa stash. We get distracted by a newcomer in the NLO chat room during the […]

NLO 1056: Too Shroom?

Super fans Lane and Stephanie stop by the show for some kind of fun. Do we have it? Who knows. Also ya boi D-Fritz is here, and we are kind of all over the place on this one. As much housekeeping and topic-clearing as the guys would like to do this show, the Lane and […]

NLO 1008: Quakes and Rapes

Comedian and red-vine enthusiast Josh Denny is in the studio, and this one is long. Josh recently got in to an argument with several sassy ladies, as well as a TV show writer, on Twitter by making some rape jokes. The guys share a disturbing preference for the same porn star when they handle their […]

NLO 1005: Legally Speaking

Ryan Stout swings by, covered in beard and full of tips for defendants everywhere. On this show, we talk about Jimmy Fallon and how he’s changed since taking over the Tonight Show. We get a phone call from some guy plugging his boner website. Patrick things the United States and Los Angeles in particular has […]

NLO 1000: Live in Los Angeles

Patrick is joined live in Los Angeles by fans and special guests! Our 1000th show, recorded live in Los Angeles on February 1, 2014, features Moody, Al Jackson, Daniel Fritz, Chip Chip Chris, Cornell Reid, Karl Hess, Scott Bowser, Danny Lobell and more! Find out about pizza slice sizes, what Al’s neighbors are up to, […]

NLO 995: No Drugs Here

It’s the kickoff of NLO Week, but Patrick is just not feeling that well. Call it lack of sleep from this weekend’s Marathon Show, or just general unhealthiness, but Patrick is cranky and out of it today. All the pent up angst trickles down to yelling at fans Chip Chip Chris and Ben who are […]

NLO 987: Sean of the Wed

Patrick is back in the studio with regular shows after too weeks. In the studio today is fan Sean and his new wife Laura. Patrick does what he can to be nice but also tries to get them fighting likes most couples usually do. We talk about some old stories, and some new. Patrick is […]

NLO 983: Rib Wizard

Josh Denny is back again, for the second time this week. Old Ginger is fresh back from taking Patrick for burgers and ribs. Patrick recounts the story of a restaurant that seems like it’s in some guys living room. Aside from the burning or everything, the horrible service, the attitude and the wait, this place […]

PreShow 948 – Patrick, D-Fritz

Patrick and D-Fritz do a pre-show while Patrick tries to get comfortable.  

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