NLO 779: Flappin

KATIE LEVINE and JOSH DENNY are in the studio, and Patrick is making Katie cringe because of all his anger and negativity. But you do it to yourselves, NLO fans. You do it to yourselves. In this show, Patrick has a crazy series of emails and interaction with yet another bonkers fan who is pissed he hasn’t received a shirt he ordered just a week ago. He calls in and emails through the entire show, going on some crazy mood swings like a pregnant lady. We make fun of a Virgin Mobile commercial, and talk about a high school kid who tried to take a porn star to prom. We end with Patrick and Josh talking about the worst comedy club in the world and why it deserves that title. Katie doesn’t enjoy herself at all, but to be fair she is afraid that our fat foot doctor psycho-fan Andrew is going to come after her.


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