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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "business"

NLO 1308: Funeral Cucks

Jozalyn Sharp, comedian and fellow “big picture” thinker joins Patrick in the studio for a show where everyone is too high. Patrick has decided to box up everything and move on to the next apartment, in light of recent and never-ceasing series of unfortunate events. Everything is broken. Kevin Hart has single-handedly broken the Oscars. […]

NLO 1298: PB and Jeans

Patrick is in NYC drinking with fellow comedian and big-thinker James Hesky. We are clearly drunk and clearly drinking eleven percent alcohol IPA beer. Patrick has a lot of business ideas that probably are complete shit, but you’re going to hear about all of them. Patrick has a major problem with the new Jurassic Park […]

NLO 1042: Denny’s Done

D-Fritz sits in on this surprisingly light and funny edition of the show. Patrick is feely spry after using his pedegg and not killing himself. There are no more flies in the studio because there have been more dead rats found and removed from the attic. We recap the last week in Josh-drama, and ultimately […]

NLO 779: Flappin

KATIE LEVINE and JOSH DENNY are in the studio, and Patrick is making Katie cringe because of all his anger and negativity. But you do it to yourselves, NLO fans. You do it to yourselves. In this show, Patrick has a crazy series of emails and interaction with yet another bonkers fan who is pissed […]

NLO 438: Butterfly Rainforest