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BONUS: Phil Elmore’s a BIG Fan! KEVIN BRENNAN Berates Shuli & Bobby! Joey C Goes TOO FAR!

Can you believe Kevin Brennan spends his Friday nights with a tallboy of red wine and a grin across his face as his listens to Melton in the Evenings? Tonight Patrick attempts to do a Kevin Brennan style program where he just rants and talks ish about people and plays no clips. Jk jk there will definitely be clips. Just because Kevin’s computer can’t handle video playback doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t have a little fun watching the mistakes and blunders of others! Phil Elmore calls in to talk about his brother and his taboo tendencies. It gets weird! Kevin Brennan calls in to complain about The Shuli Network. Replayables is still doing great. Chad Zumock can spin anything in to a win, despite overwhelming evidence and thousdands of eyeball witnesses.

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Members Only Show – October 20, 2023

I am not above this, I am far below. Welcome to a Friday night, welcome to a show. My name is Fatty Patty, and I am the king of trolls. I’m coming for your SJ, and only for the LOLz. I am far above this, I take back what I said. We will play with John a little bit, but then we’ll leave him dead. HIT THE LIKE BUTTON YOU FAT FREAK!

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ONION AMBASSADOR IS BORN! Joey C Don’t Make His Own Sauce!

You can’t plan this kind of brilliance! Patrick gets high! Joey C stream snipes! Christina C calls in to tell the world how nasty her rot pocket is! Joey C defends himself against the casual racism of SbuxxAmbassador, and Patrick decrees SbuxxAmbassador to be his official mouthpiece for the rest of the show. The epic battle of wits between these two northeast tough guys will run you through a guantlet of emotions. You’ll scream, cry and laugh away your pain! It’s one chill and relaxed night for Mr. McMelton, but the product speaks for itself! Join us for a wacky ride before Patrick fades away faster than Chad sipping Tito’s from a botter wottle! It’s Friday night, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do! Join the Onions!


MEMBERS ONLY SHOW – March 3, 2023

Tonight we get in to some saucy chat, catching up on a really fun week. Patrick will be running a very real and very legal consensual conversation with the chat that may or may not end with some people getting some free things. It’s hard to say. This show is for members only to thank everyone for the support this past week and in general! We cover the latest from Michael Ray Bower aka Donkey Lips. We also discuss Opie and everything wrong with the broadcaster who can’t seem to find where he belongs these days.