BONUS: Phil Elmore’s a BIG Fan! KEVIN BRENNAN Berates Shuli & Bobby! Joey C Goes TOO FAR!

Can you believe Kevin Brennan spends his Friday nights with a tallboy of red wine and a grin across his face as his listens to Melton in the Evenings? Tonight Patrick attempts to do a Kevin Brennan style program where he just rants and talks ish about people and plays no clips. Jk jk there will definitely be clips. Just because Kevin's computer can't handle video playback doesn't mean the rest of us can't have a little fun watching the mistakes and blunders of others! Phil Elmore calls in to talk about his brother and his taboo tendencies. It gets weird! Kevin Brennan calls in to complain about The Shuli Network. Replayables is still doing great. Chad Zumock can spin anything in to a win, despite overwhelming evidence and thousdands of eyeball witnesses.

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