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PM in the AM – Thurs, April 20, 2017

Patrick catches up on the latest news after having a sore throat for days. We check in on Joe, who’s actually doing more content now that he’s not doing a show.  

NLO 1239: Check Your Oil

Patrick is back with a show to defy the lethargy he has felt about shows lately. Call it laziness if you want, but the state of the world is in shambles and you should probably move on past shows. One of our most lovable fans gets fired from his job. A bunch of our dorkiest […]

PM in the AM – Fri, Jan 27, 2017

Patrick does a quick show before taking off to work in Las Vegas for a week. We check out some of Kellyanne Conway’s standup comedy and more.  

PM in the AM – Tues, Nov 16, 2016

We check in on some old favorites and the latest news in this edition.  

PM in the AM – Mon, Sept 26, 2016

Patrick is primed for the debate tonight with The Donald. We also talk about some other news stories that occurred while Patrick was away, including a girl who probably killed her parents and faked her own abduction. Brad and Angelina are breaking up and it’s no one’s fault.  

NLO 1177: Cignificant

Patrick is joined by Shooby and old co-host Roy Johnson in this show. Patrick is back from a three week trip across the western part of the United States, including Idaho, California, Las Vegas and even a quick trip down to Tijuana, Mexico. Roy Johnson is mellow as fuck in his Oklahoma life, and we […]

PM in the AM – Weds Apr 6 2016

A quick check of the news on this edition of PM in the AM. We dive in to some political stuff and also find an old Pete Holmes podcast that might be interesting. Or not.  

PM in the AM – Tues, Feb 9, 2016

We go over the latest headlines and make fun of Dolly Parton. Looking back at Susan Boyle, Beyonce has mad a new video and a new statement, and so much more.  

NLO 1153: StormWatch 2016

Enjoy this bonus show we did Friday night during winter storm Jonas. Shooby joins in, and we get callers from around the country for commentary. We talk to a Navy boy who’s been listening to the show for a long time. We get a call from a listener named Alexander who claims to be a […]

PM in the AM – Friday, Nov. 13, 2015

It’s time for more PM in your AM. Patrick checks in on news topics, we see what weirdo Donald Trump is up to, and more.    

NLO 1078: Miss Evelyn

Patrick and D-Fritz do a show, but it’s not awesome or anything. D-Fritz is super busy making sure his hair looks like a teen. It’s good to have “ya boi” back on the show. On this show, Patrick runs Fritz through a gauntlet of stories that have been discussed on the Facebook group recently. There’s […]

PM in the AM 21 – PC Matic

Patrick is joined by Lukster again for this sponsored show! PC Matic is here to save the day! What’s PC Matic? Oh, you’ll see. A lot. This show is a joke. people. Stop emailing me asking me if these sponsors are real. Are you fucking serious right now?    

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