Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1457: Spy Balloons

Patrick does an aftershow and gets sucked in to the political stratosphere, so to speak. Maybe nobody here is a scientist, but Patrick doesn’t believe in the theory that this ballon was a Chinese spy balloon, and the chat makes fun of him for being a bit behind in the news. Why are shooting down balloons anyway? Speaking of balloons, Micheal Ray Bower has some new videos and is still pushing his channel and march as hard as he can. We also try to make it through seven minutes of David Hollywood Hulett interviewing Summer Sinclair on his Paprika Show podcast, live as usual from his kitchen with several wackos stumbling around and drinking beers! Don’t miss!

NLO Shows

NLO 1442: SWAT Dream

There’s a good chance we aren’t going to make it. All aboard the crazy train! Patrick Is hopped up on Indian food and promoting the new stuff over in the NLO Store. Patrick is excited about his upcoming birthday so please buy him something immediately or send dollars. Patrick wants to really start using the PO Box so send in your weird stuff immediately! We go over a brief history of SWATing and how it works. Is Less Than Jake dead yet because Patrick has memories about it. Apologies for the crappy sign, but it could be a lot worse. Captain Paprika himself, David Hollywood Hulett cuts his live stream when they discover NLO watching! Thai goes to Ocha to “hang out” now. Patrick makes a mistake about GrandTheftGinger Ryan Bourassa..

NLO Shows

NLO 1440: Is Comedy Broken?

Patrick is in a mood as the show kicks off and he has frustrating issues with his Mac and iPad. Patrick talks about the return of PM in the AM which will exclusively be available on RokFin and the Overdose. There’s never been more options for content creators to lose money on! Comedy is changing, and comedy in Las Vegas is a weird creature on its own. Patrick rants about comedians who constantly headline bar shows over and over and over and continue to advertise them like it’s special every week. Patrick rubs weed dust in his eyes and has to scream for seven minutes about it. The Paprika Show is one of the most revealing and sad productions on the Las Vegas comedy scene. We listen to an ex-UFC fighter and a hairdresser talk about nothing.

NLO Shows

NLO 1438: Under the Rug

Is there news from the desert sands of Las Vegas? Thai Rivera prepares to eject from the Las Vegas comedy scene once and for all. What’s next for comedy’s favorite little disaster magnet? Pour a warm tea and join us, won’t you? Patrick briefly addresses why he won’t be discussing the recent incident that occurred at his comedy “special” taping. Occasionally on the show we have to hide some things and backtrack. Have you guys heard the one about the two guys who don’t know what they’re doing starting an open mic? Thai Rivera has so much time on his hands that he goes over to David “Hollywood” Hulett’s place to sit in his kitchen and record an episode of The Paprika Show, Las Vegas’s hottest new meh-cast.