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NLO 1305: Pizza Sheets

Patrick is in the studio to ring in his birthday with former roommate Shooby and superfan Steve Curran. The drinks are flowing and the Juul’s are charged for this thirty-ninth birthday bash, and Steve even ordered a gigantic pizza to celebrate. Too bad what got delivered was a giant sheet of disappointment to Patrick, which […]

NLO 1299: Albo Iguos

Patrick is in Munich, Germany after a few relaxing weeks of not podcasting to you needy people. He begs your forgiveness and asks that you not hold it against him for taking some time off. Fan Stephen is also sitting in on this show to talk about his recent travels in Italy, where Patrick has […]

NLO 1234: The Undateables

Patrick does a show with Sean in cold and rainy Liverpool, England. We talk about everything from the insane wind and rain plaguing this God-forsaken city to Uber and how their drivers in London are turning into real dicks. Patrick has his own suite at Sean’s house now, but it will soon be occupied by […]

Aftershow 1230 – Shooby, Gay Dave, Ari

Shooby sticks around in his dinosaur costume while he orders pizza. We talk about all kinds of stupid shit, including TommyNC2010.  

NLO 1161: Nellyville

Comedians James Hesky and Darryl Charles are here to talk pepperoni pizzas. Patrick has just learned that rapper Nelly had a reality show. That’s a relief, given the current drama still happening with Kanye West and his newest album. Another list of the best comedians ever has been published, and we go over it with […]

AS 1158 – Tattoo Cory, Pizza’zzed

Cory sticks around for an aftershow, and we get pizza’zzed pretty hard. We take a look at comedy roast battles on the right and left coasts, and James Adomian’s impression of Bernie Sanders. Cory wants to start an advice podcast.  

AS 1145 – Patrick, The Cops

We check in on our podcast pals and see how they’re doing. Patrick gets some more weird calls and finally a big call from THE POLICE!   `

NLO 1141: AMAzing

Patrick is joined by YouTube starlet and bling nailstress Haley Sacks. I’m not even sure nailstress is a word. Haley Sacks aka @holisox is here, and she’s being barraged by insults in our chat room. She’s tough and powers through it, finding comfort from the people in the chat room showing support. Haley talks about […]

AS 1135 – More Pizzas, Jonesy

Patrick does an aftershow and takes more calls from pizza places. It’s really getting doughy out there. Jonesy, Crazy Joe’s old producer, calls in to say hello.    

NLO 1132: Dough Boyz

Chip Chip Chris is here from England, and Shooby also sits in on this one. We’re still pretty mad about the fact that this sound board that is less than a year old is making all of us sound like absolute ass. We start getting some weird calls from a pizza man out of nowhere. […]

NLO 1115: My Boy

Patrick is trying to do a serious show with topics but it isn’t working. D-Fritz is on Skype and we’re talking about the recent shooting in a Louisiana movie theatre during Amy Schumer’s new movie, Trainwreck. Patrick doesn’t think Amy Schumer is that bad but D-Fritz thinks he’s gone soft. Patrick reveals that he may […]

AS 1114 – Shooby Shots, D-Fritz

Shooby sticks around to do birthday shots until he’s obliterated. Then we order pizza and ice cream for his birthday, and he dumps all the ranch dressing out on the pizza. Enjoy a very Shooby birthday!    

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