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BONUS – Allegations of Bourassment

Set your oscillospheres to fun! Let's clarify the extent to which this program goes after people. Johnny Brim is upset. A refresh of the whole Angie Krum situation - no hard feelings involved. We find something called The Paprika Show, hosted by Thai Rivera's favorite pianist, David "Hollywood" Hulett. We somehow go on a deep exploration of Ryan Bourassa, who pretends to be some successful YouTuber and has other dummies in the comedy community fooled. Ryan explains the reasons he has recently withdrawn from the comedy community. We've never seen more sad lies and coping from a pale stick-boy.

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NLO 1373: Thai VS. Shang (The Cringening)

Patrick is back after an extended hiatus while building out the new studio. Bear with the subpar sound on this one while we dial everything back in. Thai Rivera is back and this time he’s guesting on another comedy podcast where he feels he’s been disrespected, ambushed and misrepresented. Watch this insanely cringe interaction that propels all of the weirdness of the Las Vegas comedy scene to new depths.

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NLO 901: Clown Room

Comedians DANNY LOBELL and JOEY GAY are in the studio today. Patrick’s up to his balls in tech difficulties, everything is running late, and nothing ever works right. White people problems. Patrick talks about a

NLO Shows

NLO 880: Spin Daddy (Teaser)

Comedian JAYSON THIBAULT joins Patrick in studio today for a roller coaster of a show. There’s a lot of talk about jacking styles, podcasting comedians, porn stars and drug abuse. Patrick loves his new SnapChat

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NLO 785: Communal Meats

Patrick is heading to Florida to attend to some personal matters, and that means he is still broke. The hits keep on coming in 2012. JOSH DENNY is in the studio to talk about it.

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NLO 773: Taste the Hate Crime

Hey you! MIKE BRIDENSTINE is here, along with SHOOBY, and we’re talking a lot about racism, hate crimes and this big hullabaloo with Travon Martin, the kid show down in the street in Sanford, FL

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NLO 756: The Iowa Corn

Patrick is rocking solo in the studio today, taking your calls and taking care of business. He talks about his current situation, shirt orders, Overdose, interns, donations and more. But don’t think that means there

NLO Shows

NLO 738: It Gets Worse

Patrick is back from one hell of a couple of weeks working the road and not making any money. How, you say? Well just listen to this extra long episode with comedian Al Jackson back