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NLO 1439: Separated at Girth

Patrick is joined by a doppelgänger live in studio. Don’t adjust your graphics cards. Sean Conway is here and Patrick is gonna make him pay for it. We kick off the show with Alex Ansel pulling pranks. We then dive in to a story about Sean wanting to do his laundry at Patrick’s place. It seems simple, but there’s a workflow issue that Patrick can’t let go. Find out how long two people can argue about something neither cares about. A new idea for a business has emerged in the back of Patrick’s brain that could save people a lot of money. Patrick screamed at a stranger at the dog park recently and it felt really great. Sean does a lot to live up to the racist stereotypical Aussie loose unit.

NLO Shows

NLO 1059: Get Shredded

D-Fritz is in the studio for an impromptu show in the old studio. We just can’t stop cramming shows in before we rip this studio to shreds. Speaking of shreds, we have another story about

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NLO 903 (Full HD Video)

SHELBY STOCKTON and JOEY GAY are in the studio today, and things get yelly! Patrick went to see Shelby’s one-woman show, and gives her quite a harsh review. Shelby and Joey think hanging out with…

NLO Shows

NLO 440: Facebook Fan Page

Johnny and Patrick kick off the week with a Monday show. Patrick gets up in the middle of the show to relieve himself of a little poo, and Johnny has some thoughts on the state