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MELTON in the MORNING! Wordless Wednesday (May 31, 2023)

It’s WORDLESS WEDNESDAY, and Patrick won’t be speaking today. Then why do a show? What’s the point? This is stupid? That last one isn’t a question, but you’re most likely some kind of aut, so we here at OnionCorp forgive you. Patrick didn’t want to spend one day without the companionship that is the NLO chat room and it’s wide band of personalities. Patrick will be taking calls, silently reading superchats, and listening to your creations from our NEW AI VOICE SYSTEM! Anything can happen, and the world is what you make it. So don’t touch that dial. Stick around to see how NOTHING can be EVERYTHING and more!

NLO Shows

NLO 1390: Pawn Protocol

Chef is back to check on the show he helped grow so many years ago, and his curmudgeonly attitude is still oozing from his pores. Patrick and Chef walk down podcast memory lane a little, and discuss why Patrick is still doing this. Chef is in the babyproofing business and Patrick wants some tips for his dog. Patrick is still losing at poker all these years later. Chef’s Florida neighbor is squirreling away money from his wife. Patrick is confused by whatever bone induction headphones are and why they need to be worn all day. The guys muse about the convenience of having a podcast stenographer. Patrick shares with Chef the origins of Rick’s and how Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars has let his fame go to his head. Patrick argues with Chef about the true meaning of being a father, and Chef shares a new service he’s been using.

Aftershow Video

AS 1303 – Alex Ansel

Roy Johnson joins Patrick for a PM in the AM that starts off friendly enough. We spiral off the rails when lil’ Mike and his band of merry podcast trolls start crashing our chat room….

NLO Shows

NLO 1288: Taunting Titans

Patrick is packed in the studio with comedians Tyler Jolley and Jozalyn Sharp, as well as their sidekick Greg Price. Patrick thinks he might have ball cancer but doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Everyone

NLO Shows

NLO 1231: Acceptable Hate

James Hesky sits in during his first show with Trump as our evil overlord. We talk about the current political climate, and mostly agree that people need to calm down with outrage for outrage sake.

NLO Shows

NLO 1219: Creepy Clowns

Patrick is joined by comedians Chris Gardner and Jon Schoss. On this show, we talk about the latest election happenings with Hillary, Trump and even touch base on Obama and how he may be disappointing

NLO Shows

NLO 1165: Scissorsworth

It’s the boy Shooby in seat number two for this comeback show. We’re so sorry for the long hiatus, but this week has been amazing for getting shit done behind the scenes. NLO Week tickets


AS 1135 – More Pizzas, Jonesy

Patrick does an aftershow and takes more calls from pizza places. It’s really getting doughy out there. Jonesy, Crazy Joe’s old producer, calls in to say hello.   Download MP3      … This content

Featured Videos

TCJS – July 21, 2015

Patrick introduces the world to Crazy Joe and his show. Found late night perusing Craigslist, this guy and his show are a hoot, and he sure doesn’t like it when NLO fans take over his…

NLO Shows

NLO 1087: Vanilla Nights

Patrick is joined in the studio by Chip Chip Chris. The show is having difficulties with cameras and video, so the show looks like shit. Chip Chip and Patrick are pre-gaming beers for their trip

NLO Shows

NLO 965: Trick or Skeet

Comedian and man-candy Ryan Stout is in the studio to kickstart November right. There is drinking, and some discussion of black face and the use of the some challenging language. Patrick makes a solid argument