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NLO 1269: XKK

Comedian Skillz Hudson is in the studio to get really high and talk a lot of shit. Skillz is two blunts deep, and opens up about a lot of personal policies he carries in his life. For instance, he doesn’t like to climax during sex, and he loves to shop for his merch by hand. […]

PM in the AM – Monday, Oct. 23, 2017

Enjoy this bonus show, recorded at the future studio of NLO in Las Vegas. Patrick is settling in after a long time on the road. Living in Las Vegas means buying a cool car that girls like. We take a look at legal weed in Las Vegas and learn cool words like shatter and preroll. […]

NLO 1190: Shoo-B-Day

It’s Shooby’s 25th birthday and we’re celebrating with vodka and Trump! Patrick is readying himself to take off to Europe, and he’s squeezing in a vodka-infused show before he goes. On this episode, we learn that some people think they know how to behave when you get pulled over, Donald Trump is a free publicity […]

PM in the AM – Thurs, Jun 16, 2016

A quick show before Patrick heads to Baltimore for the weekend for comedy. What’s wrong with this country? He rants about it here.  

PM in the AM – Mon, June 13, 2016

We take a look at the happenings in Orlando over the weekend. Not only the night club shooting, but the singer from The Voice who got shot after a concert.  

NLO 1184: Coyote Base Camp

Comedians James Hesky and Eli Sairs are here to talk about how hard it is to pee in New York City. We recap the tragedies (plural) in Orlando this past week, including the shooting of a singer from The Voice, a little boy who got munched by an alligator, and the shooting that people can’t […]

NLO 1180: Aficiocado

Shooby sits in for a show and we’re loaded up with stuff today. We talk about Shooby’s recent houseguests – two Asian girls who packed more for one weekend than most people own. Patrick is exposing dorks on Twitter who don’t realize that they are dorks. We find out what ASMR is, or try to, […]

NLO 1170: Mousse Wall

Patrick is in studio with comedian James Hesky and this one is packed. Patrick goes on a tirade against a local chicken wing place in New York, expecting James to identify with his discontent. We watch the video of a guy with a gun in an Ohio Wal-Mart synced up with the 911 phone call […]

NLO 1135: Hero of My Love

It’s a MURDER SHOW with a live MURDER taking place on the street! Patrick is joined in the studio by Mike, a fan slash friend who pretty much facilitated the move to New York last year. Patrick tells the story of a shooting outside on the street earlier, and may be holding the key piece […]

NLO 1063: Great Scott

Comedian Scott Erick joins Patrick for today’s show. Scott is well on his way to being super-smashed, aka drunk as balls. We talk a lot about a story that seems to be polarizing a lot of people this week – the Michael Brown shooting. We read some of the eye witness testimonies, talk about how […]

AS 1034 – Josh Denny, Mr. Husfelt

Josh Denny sticks around to go over the old Husfelt video from years ago. The Clay Duke school board shooting revisited.    

NLO 882 (Full HD Video)

Patrick returns from a hiatus from the internet with a power-packed show. Patrick talks about Chris Dorner, the ex-cop vigilante gunman that was on the loose in California. Patrick talks about some fans and a lot of Facebook drama, including a fan that got mad about his personal email being posted on the Facebook group. […]

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