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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "sick"

NLO 1274: Hot and Ready

Comedian Matt Markman joins Patrick for a late night Saturday show. Patrick has been battling being sick again, and is sick of it, especially before a trip to the Middle East and Africa. It will take everything medical science has to avoid Malaria. Little Caesars is selling hot an ready pizzas for five dollars, and […]

NLO 1272: Oh, Marosa

Patrick apologizes for the unscheduled hiatus. It’s nothing that can’t be explained with a long disgusting description of gas issues. As a result of being sick for days of back to back weeks, Patrick has been watching a lot of Netflix. Chef is on his way to visit and he has very high demands of […]

PM in the AM – Weds, Mar 8 2017

Patrick is back from the UK and does an extended PM in the AM. He’s sick, there’s some gross cigarette packaging, we catch up with Xzibit and re-live the glory days of Pimp My Ride from MTV, and watch our old buddy TommyNC2010 strip down on camera. Not to be missed.  

NLO 1168: Fuckmuddery

Patrick and Shooby do a show as two sick roommates are often inclined to do. This one recaps Patrick’s recent sickness borne of a trip to San Antonio for comedy shows. Shooby isn’t doing being sick right. We talk about April Fool’s day pranks from companies, including Google and Netflix. Netflix has lost it’s mind […]

Kickin’ It Sick – December 2014

Patrick has been cooped up in his apartment sick for days. He goes live to beg for pizzas, and it turns in to a singing show where we also make fun of some other dorks on uStream. You’re gonna love it.    

NLO 995: No Drugs Here

It’s the kickoff of NLO Week, but Patrick is just not feeling that well. Call it lack of sleep from this weekend’s Marathon Show, or just general unhealthiness, but Patrick is cranky and out of it today. All the pent up angst trickles down to yelling at fans Chip Chip Chris and Ben who are […]

Aftershow 749 – Brian King

Patrick decides to do an aftershow for you OD members just because he loves you. But he’s still sick. And he’s playing with a taser and trying to run down the battery. Brian tries to convince Patrick that a shitty chili restaurant is good just because it’s in Wisconsin. Patrick freaks out when a hard […]

NLO 430: MJ and LA