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NLO 1409: R3C0V3RY+

Patrick has been to the edge of 0MiCR0N and returned to tell the tale! He can’t breathe – go easy on him! There’s an awful rumor about Patrick going around. Patrick admits he may have been wrong about Twitter, but warns simple-minded addicts. What is Josh Denny doing? Dipping our toes once again in to a man that doesn’t understand the fine line between being based and being brain broke. Patrick had new artificial turf put in his back yard, and it matches the drapes. There’s a new breed of no-thinkers on the internet that Patrick is dubbing AggroDems. It’s basically angry SJW’s that do nothing but work out and have super-intolerant hot takes. Strap in for the not-so-serious debate!

NLO Shows

NLO 1368: Hubblicious

Patrick is sick once again and is paranoid about the coronavirus again. The studio is about to be wrecked as Patrick’s landlord finally agreed to install some auxiliary air conditioners. He’s also waiting for the last hurdle of his home-buying adventure by trying to get some documents from the Homeowner’s Association. All the old cables and equipment must go! We’re going to be all powered by Unifi now. Patrick has a real beef with Hubble contact lenses.

NLO Shows

NLO 1323: Obama Pox

Patrick has rushed back from Australia to avoid being stranded during the coronavirus pandemic, and there’s rust on all the podcast equipment. Roy Johnson calls in from Tulsa to give us the lowdown on life

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NLO 1274: Hot and Ready

Comedian Matt Markman joins Patrick for a late night Saturday show. Patrick has been battling being sick again, and is sick of it, especially before a trip to the Middle East and Africa. It will

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NLO 1272: Oh, Marosa

Patrick apologizes for the unscheduled hiatus. It’s nothing that can’t be explained with a long disgusting description of gas issues. As a result of being sick for days of back to back weeks, Patrick has

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NLO 1168: Fuckmuddery

Patrick and Shooby do a show as two sick roommates are often inclined to do. This one recaps Patrick’s recent sickness borne of a trip to San Antonio for comedy shows. Shooby isn’t doing being

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NLO 995: No Drugs Here

It’s the kickoff of NLO Week, but Patrick is just not feeling that well. Call it lack of sleep from this weekend’s Marathon Show, or just general unhealthiness, but Patrick is cranky and out of


Aftershow 749 – Brian King

Patrick decides to do an aftershow for you OD members just because he loves you. But he’s still sick. And he’s playing with a taser and trying to run down the battery. Brian tries to…

NLO Shows

NLO 430: MJ and LA

Patrick has been sick for weeks with the flu, and so much has gone on in the world. We don’t want to do anything meaningful, like talk about the stuff that’s happened. That’s what you’ve