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NLO 1179: Cory Loves Dwarves

Tattoo lady Cory swings by the studio to suck the air out of the room like a cigarette. Cory is coming to Edinburgh for the Fringe festival for a week, and Patrick couldn’t be more annoyed as she digs through her purse for cigarettes and nail polish. We talk about the first penis transplant, and […]

NLO 1129: How Sticky Your Smoke

Patrick does a short-ish show with everyone’s favorite smokestress, Cory. Cory is buzzing and can’t make it twenty minutes in to the show without having to stop and walk out to go smoke a cigarette. Patrick is livid that she thinks weed smoke and cigarette smoke linger the same amount of time. Fritz calls in […]

NLO 1118: Periodic Table of Pastas

Comedian Luis J Gomez sits in on today’s show, with tattoo-stress Cory. We talk about comedy in summer in the city, and the consequences of not always being politically correct and getting along with other comics. Luis intends to toughen Patrick up, from better tattoos to completely overhauling his eating with the Real Ass Diet. […]

Cory Tattoos Luis from Legion of Skanks

Cory is live on the Legion of Skanks podcast. She is tattooing the finger of one of the comedians, Luis J. Gomez.    

NLO 1066: Dungeons and Draggin’

Everyone’s favorite tattoo artist slash sexpot Cory is in the studio. We’re also joined by Shooby to find out why his room smells like hot broccoli farts. Spoiler alert – it’s broccoli. Cory reveals to us that she’s pretty much pimping out some boy slave for money, and that she’s involved in some sort of […]

NLO 1056: Too Shroom?

Super fans Lane and Stephanie stop by the show for some kind of fun. Do we have it? Who knows. Also ya boi D-Fritz is here, and we are kind of all over the place on this one. As much housekeeping and topic-clearing as the guys would like to do this show, the Lane and […]

TommyTouch Hangout – Part 3

It’s the final part of our TommyTouch Hangout, and this is the big finale. On this final part of three, we Patrick manages to get in to the TommyTalk hangout and we absolutely ruin his buzz. Watch Tommy go from happy to angry as Patrick kills him with kindness, and talks to the girl who […]

TommyTouch Hangout – Part 2

It’s part two of our SIX HOUR bonus show where we crash a TommyTalks drinking show. On this show, we talk to fans like Cory, Backlash and meet a new fat guy named Brett. Brett seems cool, but we don’t like his hat. There’s lots of fun in this chunk, but it’s all building to […]

TattooCast – Live from High Roller Tattoo!

Patrick visited Cory in NY and got some touch-ups done on his tattoo. Watch all the tattoo action, including Cory doing her new show “Tat Chat”, and Patrick screaming like a girl.    

NLO 821: The Saddest Clown

CORNELL REID is in the studio today, trying to pull Patrick out of his depression. This is another scattered show, and we talk about anything from the wonders of a Roomba to burlesque shows and hookers. Patrick talks more about his recent breakup and what happened in Vegas. We discuss the state of porn, female […]

NYC Tattoo Video (Audio Only)

Patrick and Josh Denny get tattoos in New York from fan Cory at High Roller Tattoo. Both idiots get their first tattoos, and you get to see it all in glorious HD, from sketching phase all the way through the pain. This video is over 70 minutes long!    

NLO 817 (Full HD Video)

BRIAN KING is in the studio today. The new studio is finally up and running, Patrick still hates it though. Cory calls in from Long Island, fresh from finishing up a tattoo on a fan of the NLO Logo. We talk to the fan and find out why he’s doing that. Patrick considers making the […]

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