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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1276: Djibouti to Mouth

Comedians Tommy Sinbazo and Erik Woodworth join Patrick from Djibouti, Africa. Patrick and Erik are relieved after venturing out in Nairobi, Kenya and feeling like everyone they met was out to kill, rob or rape them. From trying to sell you bogus cab rides to packages for safaris, the Kenyans do not see many white […]

PM in the AM – Mon, July 10, 2017

Patrick has arrived in London and has a lot of opinions about it. Plans of a sting operation, some of Chris’s friends are banana nuts, and more.  

NLO 1249: Stolen Stylus

It’s midnight in NYC, and comedians everywhere are gathering to podcast out of the midday sun. James Hesky joins Patrick in the studio for a late night of tangents and drinking while plagued with technical issues. Patrick recaps his shows in Florida, doing lots of drugs and partying like a rock star, and losing his […]

NLO 1175: Country Thick

Back in Los Angeles, Patrick sits down with NLO favorite Al Jackson to catch up. On this show, Patrick talks to Al about his recent trips over to Europe and Asia to perform for the troops. We talk about on everything from Al’s racist instagram username to high school reunions and cheerleaders. We talk about […]

NLO 1083: Landed in the UK

This is a special on-location show with Chip Chip Chris in London! Patrick finds himself spending an unexpected night in London after traveling for a couple weeks. Chip Chip Chris makes his triumphant return to the show. He shows off his fit bits, and takes the rare opportunity to fire shots at Patrick for missing […]

NLO 1072: So-chella

Shooby aka Snooby sits in for a show today to talk about his issues. His latest issue, which is introduced by a brand new Shooby News theme, is leaving a nice bowl of pee for Patrick each morning in the bathroom. Patrick is off to Los Angeles and Las Vegas this week, on a whim, […]

NLO 1051: Vis a Vis

Moody is back in Los Angeles and we are happy to put him in your ear holes again. On this show, Patrick picks up the lighter and starts burning his iPhone 6 cardboard prototype. No studio fire this time. We talk to some fans in the chat room about their past relationships and just end […]

NLO 1010: Fart Candy

Everyone’s favorite ginger Josh Denny is in the studio before heading off for Uber duty. Patrick doesn’t understand why everyone is fighting for equaity from people who will never treat them equal instead of just living their lives. Josh jumps in to a conversation about porn, and specifically the social, group-form of porn that has […]

NLO 966: ADam

D-Fritz is clouding up the studio with his cuteness tonight. Patrick does a late show after venturing out with D-Fritz to see the new Jackass Bad Grandpa movie. Patrick can’t get the idea of getting away out of his mind. He’s thinking of absconding to London and running away from all his problems. The price […]

NLO 946: Clubs are Dumb

Join Patrick and Cornell Reid as they weave a fun couple of hours of show. Patrick is upset about no less than a half dozen things, as usual. Everything from the way people dress to having his cell phone privileges revoked. Patrick thinks he may have some kind of eye AIDS. Patrick asks Cornell the […]

NLO 913 (Full HD Video)

Patrick is fresh back from Indianapolis and TONY GAUD is making his return to the show. We also have comedian GREG KASHMANIAN in the studio. Greg is feeling everything out. Patrick catches up with Tony while trying to breeze over some events of the past weekend. Patrick talks about his frustration with a couple of […]

NLO 912 (Full HD Video)

CORNELL REID is in studio, lookin’ fresher than fresh. Patrick and Cornell are mere hours from their flight to Indianapolis to do live shows, and Patrick still hasn’t packed anything. We talk about all the creeps coming out to the show, and some call in to confirm their creepiness. MC Buddas has apparently disappeared off […]

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