March 5, 2024: FAT TUESDAY! Aaron Imholte’s STEEL TOE Is Crumbling! COMEDY TALK With Corey Adam!

Nobody Likes Onions has some of the best stuff to wake up to today, and Patrick wishes he could take credit for it all. Patrick wants you to be aware of the warning signs of bad events so you can make sure not to disappoint your family. Aaron Imholte is back doing his show alone, and it’s hours of some of the most insane rambling nonsense you’ve ever heard in your days on earth. While April Imholte continues to withdraw from the program, more and more wonder what the future of Steel Toe Morning Show will be. Patrick has been served a new fat lady by the algorithm, and he’s got a video that’s sure to enrage you. Corey Adam is still trying to find his voice since being released from the creative clutches of Aaron Imholte in Minnesota. What a country!

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