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March 19, 2024: TUBBY TUESDAY! Catching Up With ALL The Fats! Steel Toe EXCUSE SHOW Coverage!

Forget about Kevin Brennan and his wobbly green screen and face-melting bad breath for a day. The Steel Toe Morning Show is becoming a parody of itself – each day beginning with addressing haters, rumors, detractors, and trolls about anything and everything they’ve heard. Of course, Aaron still has to mention Patrick and go on a road-trip of success in his own head to self-soothe. Today we’ve got updates from our favorite fats, including Mersh, Corey Adam, Donkeylips, and of course some of the most rotund ladies on the internet. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat, or you need some advice on how to live a life that’s larger than most, we have you covered on today’s Nobody Likes Onions.

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March 5, 2024: FAT TUESDAY! Aaron Imholte’s STEEL TOE Is Crumbling! COMEDY TALK With Corey Adam!

Nobody Likes Onions has some of the best stuff to wake up to today, and Patrick wishes he could take credit for it all. Patrick wants you to be aware of the warning signs of bad events so you can make sure not to disappoint your family. Aaron Imholte is back doing his show alone, and it’s hours of some of the most insane rambling nonsense you’ve ever heard in your days on earth. While April Imholte continues to withdraw from the program, more and more wonder what the future of Steel Toe Morning Show will be. Patrick has been served a new fat lady by the algorithm, and he’s got a video that’s sure to enrage you. Corey Adam is still trying to find his voice since being released from the creative clutches of Aaron Imholte in Minnesota. What a country!

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November 17, 2023 – Steel Toe OWNS Chandler! Chad CRUMBLES Live! Josh Denny is LARGE Now!

Patrick isn’t the only one making a splash in the world of Big Beautiful Podcasters. Josh Denny, currently on his nineteenth attempt at a show someone will care about and/or watch, has ballooned to proportions that must be examined. Watch as over a decade of podcast experience culminates in more meh than you can imagine. Chad Zumock is in hiding after running away from his own show Thursday afternoon when Patrick surprised him with a snipe session. We catch up with some of our favorite nutty ladies, including Planet with a Palate and her rotund gal pals. They’re making dip or pasta or eggs or pickle juice. It’s hard to tell, really. But they are very, very fat and very, very chill about it all. This has gotta be good!

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NLO 1137: Candy Con

Patrick is fresh off the boat from Atlantic City, and has tales to tell. There’s much more about the Halloween weekend at the Jersey Shore than can be recapped in this show, and of course

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NLO 1118: Periodic Table of Pastas

Comedian Luis J Gomez sits in on today’s show, with tattoo-stress Cory. We talk about comedy in summer in the city, and the consequences of not always being politically correct and getting along with other

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Tom Segura Loves Cupcakes!

Patrick, Shooby, and #APOS Tom Segura visit Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank to see all the wonderous confectionary delights. Who will eat the most? Who is the biggest piece of shit?   Download MP3    …

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NLO 807: Frothed

ARI SHAFFIR is here, with AL JACKSON making a return and some fans from San Diego sitting in. We open some birthday cake vodka and talk about Joe Rogan, boxing, fat chicks, ex-Pantswise shows, Ari’s

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