November 17, 2023 – Steel Toe OWNS Chandler! Chad CRUMBLES Live! Josh Denny is LARGE Now!

Patrick isn’t the only one making a splash in the world of Big Beautiful Podcasters. Josh Denny, currently on his nineteenth attempt at a show someone will care about and/or watch, has ballooned to proportions that must be examined. Watch as over a decade of podcast experience culminates in more meh than you can imagine. Chad Zumock is in hiding after running away from his own show Thursday afternoon when Patrick surprised him with a snipe session. We catch up with some of our favorite nutty ladies, including Planet with a Palate and her rotund gal pals. They’re making dip or pasta or eggs or pickle juice. It’s hard to tell, really. But they are very, very fat and very, very chill about it all. This has gotta be good!

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