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Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 5

There’s an energy shift in the air – Chad Zumock has a renewed sense of vigor and confidence and it’s becoming enjoyable to watch. Meanwhile Aaron Imholte is crumbling before our very eyes – the confidence is gone, the eyes are constantly scanning the chat, and there’s a hurried uncertainty in every breath he takes. Monday brought Steel Toe Morning Show his largest audience ever, but were they there for the Steel Toe show, or to watch the dram unfold? I think you know. Aaron says he may be the last guy who just does a fun show. Patrick has some startling results from the NLO Lab about April Imholte’s forehead. Join the Onion Army, fellow ToeJoes!

Bonus Stuff

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 1

This Steel Toe universe is ever expanding, and we’re on night six of our multi-hour conversational hangs exploring every facet of this show, from it’s storied history to it’s current incarnation of complete retreat while surrounded by comedians of questionable talent and morals. Patrick gets his first ever taste of Geno Bisconte, we talk about the “kind of guy” Aaron Imholte is, and learn about his unique ability to go to town on that hot wife of his! Aaron’s cohost Corey Adam teaches us how to cook a brick as we watch him destroy a $250 wagyu steak, and then he talks about how Aaron has been cutting back his pay because the show may be having some money issues.

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[BONUS] Steel Toe DESTROYS Nobody Likes Onions

Chad Zumock has blocked Patrick on Twitter and called him a cuck for simply exploring the very conflict that Chad was directing everyone to check out through his ongoing feuds on Twitter. Why so mad, Chad? Is there more to this than meets the eye? Or is there less – a lot less? Aaron Imholte and Corey Adam from the Steel Toe Morning Show cannot stand Patrick and rip apart the Nobody Likes Onions program. Corey Adam becomes more and more emotional as the show goes on, first pretending to not know much about Patrick, and then expounding on his alcoholism, podcast origins, show prep ability, inflated ego, and much more