January 11, 2024: PANIC and LIES! Chad Zumock is CHOKING! Corey Adam Keeps Trying To Internet!

Happy Thursday, you young and free rapscallions! Chen Zumock is hurdling towards failure in Atlantic City, and Geno Bisconte has the fat mudshark floundering around in his own blubber. The cope is real as we cross the one-month mark until the most embarrassing attempt at proving relevance since “Mudshark Loves Misery.” We break down how pathetic Zumock is and why he needs friends and shows on his calendar so desperately. Corey Adam is always good for a laugh, and his latest show is no different. We check in with the Haulrus to see if his eighty thousand fans showed up this week, or if it was another complete bust that he “doesn’t care about.”

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