January 9, 2024: MERSH Says Don’t Worry! Bower Wants His LIFE Back! Aaron Imholte HATES Mornings!

Patrick’s here on a Tuesday to stock your stuffings with goofy goo! Hit the like button, you mortals! Sexual pest Corey Adam can’t stop coping on multiple podcasts about his status in both the comedy community and on the internet. Mersh doesn’t like the internet talking about him almost passing out on his stream. But it’s happening more and more, and how could you not be concerned for the Floridian fat man’s constant mini strokes? Michael Ray Bower has some new complaints and excuses about why he hasn’t been walking and or talking. Steel Toe Morning Show is still trying to pretend like they’re a popular growing show, while it’s more than evident that April has most likely gone back to the work force.

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