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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "trolls"

PM in the AM – Tues, Oct. 23, 2018 (Roy Johnson)

Roy Johnson joins Patrick for a PM in the AM that starts off friendly enough. We spiral off the rails when lil’ Mike and his band of merry podcast trolls start crashing our chat room. It’s two hours of some gold, but mostly shit.  

NLO 1239: Check Your Oil

Patrick is back with a show to defy the lethargy he has felt about shows lately. Call it laziness if you want, but the state of the world is in shambles and you should probably move on past shows. One of our most lovable fans gets fired from his job. A bunch of our dorkiest […]

AS 1228 – Shooby, The Craziest Joe

On this aftershow, we listen to a clip of Crazy Joe like you’ve never heard. We take a call from one of the finest trolls Red Bar has to offer, and more.  

PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 1

We check out Josh Denny’s new Food Network show trailer. We take some calls from trolls and begin an afternoon of talking to dorks.  

PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 2

Patrick fixes the phone problem and takes some more troll calls. One caller named Dan Wolfe absolutely embarasses himself with an absolute lack of conviction.  

PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 3

We wrap up the afternoon with another hour of calls. Come for the madness. Stay for all the good points.  

The Crazy Joe Show – 11/30/2016

We kick back and check in on our buddy Joe for the first time in months. It’s business as usual, crap sound as usual, and racist rants as usual. Shooby joins in.  

Grease LIVE!

FOX decides to put on a live musical production of Grease. We just end up getting trolled in our chat.  

AS 1098a – Dan Nainan

Dan Nainan sticks around to take some calls. It doesn’t go well, as most callers seem to be trolling him or just plain name calling. It goes downhill really fast.