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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1243 – Shooby

We check out a YouTube family that is in trouble for their videos. Patrick talks about possibly moving.  

NLO 1242: ODB

Comedian and weed expert Chris Gardner is in the studio with some big accusations. Apparently there may be a giant weed coverup going on, and Patrick doesn’t know anything about how to pack bowls. This show is heavily reliant on transgender news and topics, from some Caitlyn Jenner bombshells to a Heineken ad tricking people […]

AS 1094 – More Nainan

We watch some more of Dan Nainan’s videos. Get in on the ground floor of Dan!    

AS 1063 – Scott Erick

Scott Erick sticks around to sober up on this aftershow.    

PM in the AM 23 – How-To Basic

Joined by Lukster, Patrick is back for another morning show. This time the gang talks about videos and Lukster turns Patrick on to a maniac on YouTube.    

AS 978 – Al Jackson, Dave Williamson

Al Jackson and Dave Williamson stick around for a very Sharkeisha aftershow. Enjoy.    

AS 888a – Patrick and the End Times

Patrick does a solo aftershow and watches some YouTube videos sent in by fans. We spend a lot of time on a video about the end of the world as religions see it. World War 3 and death are all around us.  

Aftershow 803 – Al Jackson

Al Jackson sticks around for an aftershow. We talk about toasting lettuce. Is it good or bad for the show? We talk about food and GrubHub. What is shawarma?). Kevin in Toledo calls in and Al talks to him while Patrick fetch’s Al ice in an act of reparation for slavery. Kevin doesn’t want us […]

Overdose Show 14 – 5 HOUR SHOW!

Patrick pops on to do an Overdose show and we go for nearly FIVE HOURS! This one is better than the last one where we just played Draw Something for hours. Patrick talks about some awesome new stuff that fans are doing to help. Lukster steps up to help out with NLO videos. Patrick does […]

Overdose Show 9

Patrick is fresh back from his trip to Phoenix. Most of this is just rambling, eating yogurt and other nonsense. Of course callers. There’s lots of Creed. Patrick is sleepy. Fans make Patrick watch horrible things and funny things on YouTube.    

Aftershow 764 – Brian King, fan Daniel

Chris Fairbanks has to bail out, so Brian King and fan Daniel step in. Patrick watches some of Klitzner’s videos, but is clearly tired and fading. Brian King has stuff to do and acts too important for everyone. It’s a standard aftershow. Stay tuned at the end of the audio for a secret call that […]

NLO 515: Bear in a Bathtub