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NLO 767: Kony and Karaoke


Comedian BRANDIE POSEY and young Apple fanatic BRIAN KING are in the studio. We’re talking about the recent announcement of the new iPad, and what it has, and why everyone needs one. We talk about creepy fan Miles, Brian being uncircumcised, Dagre calls in, Patrick needs to write jokes for a roast tonight, Skittles singular and plural, and fan Max calls in drunk with all sorts of promises he can’t keep. Brandie works hosting a karaoke night at a bowling alley, and has all kinds of creepy stories. Patrick heard a dude jerking it in the bathroom there, and Brian also has a story. Patrick talks about Lindsay Lohan on SNL, remembers Sweet Pickles from growing up, and we review a horrible article on how to be a comedian.


Full HD video and aftershow available in the OVERDOSE for only $10 a month! Join and get TONS of bonus stuff! Help keep the show going!




20 Responses to “NLO 767: Kony and Karaoke”

  1. Multiple USB drives might not be such a bad thing. I mean when I installed X-Wing on my windows 3.11 386 PC in 1994 I think it was like 6 disks. 
    <(-.-<) (>-.-)> 

  2. I don’t see 766/767 and their aftershows in Overdose, Is it just me? Didn’t think anything about it till I saw at the bottom of this post saying it’s available.

  3. I am one person. Please be reasonable in the amount of time you give me to post things. How about 24 hours at a minimum. Everyday “aftershow isn’t up????” gets old. Back off and wait a minute. There is TONS of content in the OD. Just be patient. I don’t need reminders to post things.

  4. Sorry man, wasn’t complaining. I only asked since it said it in the show description it was available and didn’t see the shows on the Overdose page. “Long time listener, first time commenter” I enjoy the Overdose, and not planning on unsubscribing. Thought I would ask, wasn’t looking for an answer from you specifically or being passive agressive about it not being posted.

  5. No worries – I am posting the aftershow now. I said on this show videos will be delayed until next week because I’m out of Vimeo quota – but I’m looking for another solution. Got another OD only show going up tonight.

  6. Thats what I get for not listening to the show. If I have time I try to watch the video before listening on my iPhone.

  7. I just wanted to hear the after-show because my phone was fucking up when I called, and I needed to hear what BK said about how he got into his job, because I finally want to get into some film work. Hope the Tom Segura show is still going on. 
    Oh, and #BringBackShelbyStockton

  8. I am pissed that I missed the chance to give you joke ideas for the Lorax.  You could have talked about how the movie was supposed to enlighten and empower tree huggers.  Some of those damn tree huggers take it to extremes like living in the trees, eating shrooms (maybe not a bad gig), wiping their ass with small woodland creatures, not shaving for months, jumping nimbly from limb to limb and surviving off the land.  It’s ironic then, that their big moment, the movie that was for their cause was represented by a character voiced by Danny Devito, who is the last person you’d think of when thinking of a hippy.

  9. How can I get my hands on the video of this show?

  10. I put up everything I can but Vimeo limits me to 5GB a week, and exclusive content (aftershows and OD shows) take priority. If anyone has a video hosting solution that is affordable, let me know!

  11. Have you looked at VimeoPro? It looks like Plus has the 5gig limit, but I don’t see a limit for Pro

  12. Then you’re not looking hard enough. It’s worse than Vimeo plus. I’ve looked at everything out there pretty much.

  13. YouTube sometimes sends out an email offering you to become a partner if you get a popular video… That raises the time limit from 15 to infinity (That’s how Klitzner did that ~11 hour video to thank people). It also allows you to link your adsense.

    There are channels on YouTube that pump out 7+ hours of content weekly too. Day9 used to upload hour long shows every day. Now he splits each show into 3 parts (20 mins each) because he realized people on YouTube rarely keep watching for a whole hour. It’s kind of nice because if you have a little bit of time you can at least watch a third or 2 thirds. I think he gets more revenue by splitting it up too. Before YouTube he used (now he uses both).

    Blip is pretty good too. Roosterteeth has used it for the Red vs. Blue series since 2007 I think…

  14. Anyone can upload videos over 15 minutes if you’ve had an account long enough. We’ve been a YouTube partner for years. That’s not a big deal.

    If you plan ANY music in your show, they can ban your account. That’s retarded and I’m not taking that chance.

    Please don’t suggest any standard video services. I’ve spend HOURS researching this. The answer isn’t as easy as YouTube or Blip. Give me some credit for knowing how to research things on my own a little bit.

  15. Okay. You asked for ideas, I WASN’T trying to tell you what to do.

    YouTube will remove your video or make it inaccessible in certain
    regions with certain music. If they remove a video that you selected to
    monetize then they give you a warning. Then the second offense I think
    they disable monetization.

    If you are a Partner then you have to acknowledge that YOU DIDN’T upload any video/audio that’s copyrighted.

    To be honest you don’t play that much random music on the show unless somebody starts/wants to sing. In my opinion, it doesn’t need music/singing.

    Why does Blip not work? It sounds like it fits the bill…
    Consistent in nature and format [Check]Edited, curated, and packaged for easy audience consumption [Check]Released regularly and predictably (or a large back catalog of episodes) [Check]

    If you don’t want  a standard video service then your going to get some kind of piece of shit service. I CAN’T READ MINDS, thats why I’m giving ideas… to me it makes sense to use Blip/YouTube to make the show more accessible to a new/larger audience. All you had to tell me was that you aren’t interested in Blip/YouTube.

    If you wanted something not “standard” you could use a porn site.

  16. I’m not going to argue. I don’t need help. 

  17. And I’m not trying to be a dick – I’m tired and busy. And it’s kind of stupid to think I haven’t looked at YouTube. It has nothing to do with what I’m interested in. I’ve looked at all these big services. They won’t work for reasons that I don’t have time or desire to tell you, and this isn’t the place to discuss this anyway. You can email me if you think I’m missing something, but I can’t contact you because you’re anonymous, as most people who want to give editorial opinions on the internet are. Now you’re telling me what the show needs (less music and singing) thrown in with your technical suggestions. 

    People need to learn what type of communication is appropriate where. If you want to have a serious conversation and suggest things to me (not fucking YouTube), then email me. Don’t tweet it. Don’t put it in comments. I’m not going to argue with you here.

    I apologize for coming across cranky.

  18. Jus’ hang loose, blood…  🙂
    We cool. Sorry if my comment about music/singing on the show rubbed you the wrong way. I just felt the reason you weren’t considering YouTube was because you thought [copyrighted] music plays a significant role on the show… I just wanted to express my opinion that I wouldn’t miss that small part. I don’t listen to NLO to hear singing or music. I come here for the dick jokes and witty banter… The only reason I commented here instead of something more private is because you asked for possible solutions here in the comments. Someone already suggested Vimeo stuff. If I knew anyone that used Vimeo I would have tried and backup his statements.

    I didn’t think talking about this publicly was a bad thing. It gives everyone a chance to read and learn what you need and don’t need. You probably don’t want 10 emails all suggesting YouTube/Vimeo/Blip (but again, I can’t read minds).

  19. I’m trying Blip again with the shows that are under their stupid 1GB file size limit. Let’s see how it works out. If anything I will use it temporarily. I just can’t afford the time it takes to re-render at a smaller filesize if we go over.

  20. I heard PatrickVidz Has a no file size limit. Just use them.

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