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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1271: Thank You Kindly

Comedian Matt Markman joins Patrick for a late night show from Las Vegas. Patrick is still adjusting to living in a land of spiders and scorpions. There’s some jokes about pedophiles the probably shouldn’t be written out here, we decide we are doomed to hackers and companies like Amazon and their Alexas, and we think […]

NLO 1236: Bergman in Boise

Patrick is in Boise, Idaho doing comedy shows for some mountain people. Joining Patrick on this show is Ohio comedian Keith Bergman, who tells us all a harrowing tale of how he came to have pig parts and other robot contraptions put in his heart. It’s got everything you could want from a story, including […]

NLO 1233: Curran Events

Steve Curran, Superfan and PayPig extraordinaire, joins us for this show recorded in Las Vegas. Patrick is too full of barbecue to really do any kind of show of substance. The worst thing that can happen at an airport happens to Patrick. Well, the worst thing besides fisting. Steve booked a really bad flight home […]

NLO 1209: Not Canadian

Patrick and Sean sit down with American comedian Paul Johnson to talk about his fringe show. Despite Paul’s light and friendly accent, he is not Canadian, as Patrick originally believed. We talk about what it’s like traveling the world and doing comedy – Paul has been living and performing in China and all over Asia […]

NLO 1167: Bitch, Dick or Diva

Comedian and notorious rabble-rouser Ryan Stout sits down with Patrick at an airport Hilton. This one is a comedy-heavy show, because, well, we’re here doing standup comedy. Ryan talks about the adventure of moving hotels this week, and dragging Patrick along with him. We also talk about the crowds in San Antonio on Easter weekend. […]

Aftershow 1164 – James Hesky

James Hesky sticks around for an aftershow and we watch each other’s early comedy videos. James is cringing hard. Find out why.  

NLO 1164: Baby QB

Comedian and all around subway hero James Hesky is in the studio. This show is all over the place, largely due to the guzzling of our Friday libations – aka scotch. We talk about what a slam piece is, and what it probably isn’t. James talks about the buffet spread they had at the Philadelphia […]

NLO 1151: Skeletee

Comedian Dave Siegel joins Patrick in the studio for this tee-rrific show. Patrick is bitching about doing a morning show, and Dave didn’t bring him any coffee, which doesn’t help. Dave shows off his Skeletor/He-Man shirt. We talk about a recent article about the Beth Stelling rape situation that needlessly shift focus where it doesn’t […]

PM in the AM – Dec 17, 2015

Butch is in attack mode with several new tweets and threats. He’s trying to get Patrick blacklisted at comedy clubs. Let’s see how it goes.   `

NLO 1147: Domfidence

Comedian James Hesky is here, and we’ve got new Butch Bradley stuff. Butch loses his mind on another Twitter rant, threatening to ruin Patrick’s career and tell every comedy club and booker that he knows about Patrick’s behavior. Coby Frier still hasn’t paid. We’ve got another big pizza show, with calls from pizza places all […]

NLO 1143: Do AC

It’s been a week and so much has happened in the world of NLO. We’re joined today by comedian James Hesky, who also wasn’t paid by Coby Frier and Butch Bradley for his weekend in Atlantic City. We also take a phone call from Coby’s former business partner, adult film actress and Miss Howard TV […]

NLO 1142: Black Saturday

Patrick has gathered everyone together to hear a special story. It’s a story about how a comedian, once upon a Halloween, worked for a comedy club in Atlantic City, NJ. Now if you’ve ever visited New Jersey, you know that strange people and things are afoot. Come along down this rabbit hole as Patrick, along […]

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