NLO 1343: Vibes and Tribes

We are continuing with HOUR 3 of the breakdown of Thai Rivera’s latest podcast, and it’s slow going because there’s a lot to dissect. Thai begins his podcast by thanking people for feedback, and you can tell he has taken a lot of our advice to heart. At least for awhile. His energy fades quickly as he becomes distracted by his own difficult-to-follow stories and ramblings about a dog that he is keeping captive for some reason. We discover that Thai can’t really form sentences or complex thoughts well when he has to speak. He stumbles and bumbles through story after story with no coherent theme or information. We look at some tweets and Facebook posts that lend credence to the theory that he’s not firing on all cerebral cylinders. Want the rest of this show? It goes on for hours. Get the OVERDOSE and get more now!

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