October 31, 2023 – SCARY AF: Aaron Imholte STANDUP! More PRIZE Nonsense! Get A Job, Get The Girl!

Happy Halloween! Boo! Spooky scary stuff is in our midst, on our minds, and maybe more! We check in on the latest iteration of the Steel Toe Morning Show “prize night” grift to see how they’re doing. Is this set of Minnesota mini-minds still raking in the dough from their sleepy fans? It’s Training Tuesday, an it’s time you became a FORD man! If you can land this position, you just may land that lady you’ve been so keen about! And FINALLY, the piece you’ve all been waiting for – Aaron Imholte’s unreleased standup set from his big Chrissy Mayr event. How bad of a standup is Aaron? How much confidence does he have on stage in front of an audience people who aren’t there for him? Let’s find out! Trick or treat, biznatches!

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