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October 31, 2023 – SCARY AF: Aaron Imholte STANDUP! More PRIZE Nonsense! Get A Job, Get The Girl!

Happy Halloween! Boo! Spooky scary stuff is in our midst, on our minds, and maybe more! We check in on the latest iteration of the Steel Toe Morning Show “prize night” grift to see how they’re doing. Is this set of Minnesota mini-minds still raking in the dough from their sleepy fans? It’s Training Tuesday, an it’s time you became a FORD man! If you can land this position, you just may land that lady you’ve been so keen about! And FINALLY, the piece you’ve all been waiting for – Aaron Imholte’s unreleased standup set from his big Chrissy Mayr event. How bad of a standup is Aaron? How much confidence does he have on stage in front of an audience people who aren’t there for him? Let’s find out! Trick or treat, biznatches!

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1441: Halloween Spectacular!

Patrick is back with a FREE apology show to make up for the cancellation of last night’s aftershow! It’s the anniversary of Butch Bradley stealing $1200 from Patrick! We get in to some hot BBQ talk and give a warning for anyone who wants to brine a turkey this Thanksgiving.If you think you know everything there is to know about rubs and coarse ground pepper, you have another thing coming! We present a very scary HALLOWEEN edition of The Tweets I Seen, featuring Casper The Comic in heels and lipstick. Angie Krum cannot stop herself from grabbing low-hanging comedy fruit, and she wants you to be hacky on the radio like her! Our old friend Nick Starr is back posting mental breakdowns and publicly airing out his relationship drama on social media again.


PM in the AM – November 1, 2020

It’s the morning after Halloween and Patrick is pissed that he bought a lot of candy for nothing. He’s really getting in to Karen videos and what the kids are calling BASIC now. Patrick is buying a basic house. Patrick has a lot of problems with Twitch and how they do things. Stop getting your friends to help you move. Patrick is getting really jazzed up about his pool project.

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NLO 1318: Crushing Candy

Somewhere in Las Vegas comedians Alex Ansel, Adam Dominguez and Jeni Robins gather around some mics. We are breaking down Halloween and some of the guests are making short work of Patrick’s leftover candy. Patrick

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NLO 1303: Wallet Wading

Alex Kool-Aid Ansel joins Patrick today for a Halloween show. We wade back in the NLO memory shoe box and listen to an old holiday favorite. Alex is doing a roast for John Wayne Bobbit,

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NLO 1219: Creepy Clowns

Patrick is joined by comedians Chris Gardner and Jon Schoss. On this show, we talk about the latest election happenings with Hillary, Trump and even touch base on Obama and how he may be disappointing

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NLO 1137: Candy Con

Patrick is fresh off the boat from Atlantic City, and has tales to tell. There’s much more about the Halloween weekend at the Jersey Shore than can be recapped in this show, and of course

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NLO 964: Coconut Meat

Comedian Chris Porter is in the studio today trying to cheep Patrick up. Patrick has a pretty terriffic life, if you ask Chris, and that’s the message of today’s show. Be happy with what you

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NLO 844 (HD Video)

RYAN STOUT and AL JACKSON are here and everyone is in costume. Patrick is an astronaut, Ryan is a police constable, and Al is Trayvon Martin. We talk about Halloween, crazy people, comedy, and so…

NLO Shows

NLO 844: Crasstronaut

RYAN STOUT and AL JACKSON are here and everyone is in costume. Patrick is an astronaut, Ryan is a police constable, and Al is Trayvon Martin. We talk about Halloween, crazy people, comedy, and so

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NLO 726: Woods Pudding

Josh Denny is back, talking about how he loves to collect knives. That’s not creepy on Halloween. Also, Asian people talk funny, we have a new website where you can help out the show (,

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NLO 604: Clam Snapper

Patrick is joined in the studio by Renee Gauthier, a comedian, and more importantly a woman. She’s showing off by not being a raging bitch, and she’s talking Canada all nice-nice with a fan, which

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NLO 469: Damn Dames

Noelle…err…Nicole joins Patrick in the studio, and they talk a bit about Halloween, costumes, and how to kill zombies. We talk about the aggressive trend of these kids today and how they seem to resort