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Aftershow 792 – Al Jackson

AL JACKSON sticks around for two hours of aftershow. We get way to drunk, take more calls, talk more shit, and end up with some comedy talk with comedian Forrest Shaw in Florida. Lots of stuff going down in this one, lots of stories with no endings, and lots of babbling. But we are hammered. So deal with it.


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7 Responses to “Aftershow 792 – Al Jackson”

  1. Amazing aftershow. Jeff sounds like a real new fan. Overdose is with every penny.

  2. worth* I got drunk listening!

  3. Wtf I thought Al was in his 40’s or something

  4. You should have Cheppelle on more often. Seriously Al is great

  5. Your video seemed to be having problems on this episode. I think your white balance was way off. Just me?
    Overdose is the best and Al rocks!!!

  6. Was this a black joke? 😀

  7. You and al are so funny together, you should defo get him more often

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