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Aftershow 794 – Josh Denny

FOUR HOUR SHOW! This show starts out fun and funny, but gets real serious really fast. Patrick and Josh have a three hour real argument on air, which all started when Patrick confuses LLC’s with S-Corps (business!) and Josh though Patrick was going to brag about having degrees. What follows is a long conversation and argument, but it’s essentially therapy and hopefully makes us stronger friends in the end. Get the popcorn out for this one – ONLY IN THE OVERDOSE!


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10 Responses to “Aftershow 794 – Josh Denny”

  1. These arguments wouldn’t happen if you made Doo Doo Brown your permanent co-host.

  2.  Couplesh therapyyyyy, Sheeshull.

  3. Love hearing you guys smack on cupcakes.  Really entertaining.  Eating on podcasts is always a good idea, especially when it is right next to the mics.

  4. 1) It was a bit, the whole cupcake rocket thing,
    2) I think we can let people off eating on the job when they are broadcasting for 4hours or more &
    3) I bet the noise of their eating was nothing compared to the noise they made afterwards when they had “make-up sex”

  5. I’m really glad all this stuff got aired out. Patrick hit many nails on the head with this episode, and it was refreshing. I love these inside aftershows, keep em coming!

  6. Josh’s floating date idea is really stupid.  Date’s are important.

  7. Definitely. My work schedule is shit, and I live in Indianapolis. I’d need a date at least a month or 2 in advance to schedule off the day just to go, because our vacation request system is archaic.

    That said, I’d be willing to put up Patrick and Josh in my apartment for a few days, so they’d save on accommodations.

  8. Over the last year or so, Patrick’s been slowly humanizing Josh. I don’t know that this was an intentional thing, but it’s happening. This show is a good example of the process.

    With the Kickstarter thing, I say pick a date, pick a city. Plan it for at least a couple months out. Run the campaign for whatever you think it’d take to essentially “sell out” the room. If you make your campaign goal, you’ll have the money and the flexibility to find a venue. You won’t even necessarily have to find a comedy venue. You’ve got the money. Rent a hall or something. I know it’s backwards from the traditional way of doing things but bands are doing this type of stuff and it’s working. Staging a comedy show is different, but the basic logistics in terms of selling the show (thru Kickstarter) are essentially the same. Also, in Kickstarter’s terms of service, it clearly states, “Kickstarter does not offer refunds. A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward.” So if someone commits to the campaign, and the campaign is funded, and then they want a refund, you’re under no obligation to give ’em their money back (unless you cancel the show). Yeah, from a customer service standpoint, you probably should. But you’re not obligated to.

  9. Nateman, you hit this on the head with your couples therapy comment. Holy fuck, dude.

  10.  Josh is a total lying douche, but I felt some sympathy for him. Patrick is hyper critical of his trendsurfing and hand washing. It seems to be another avenue of his controlling nature that he wants to control this “unacceptable” behavior in Josh. Patrick is 100% right when he says Josh lies so often his word has become meaningless and Josh is 100% right that Patrick is so broadly critical he can’t accept any of it. Very good show.

    Oh and fuck black bean burgers, they are nothing but carbs, what’s wrong with you? Go wash your god damn hands.

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