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Overdose Show 19

Patrick comes on to do a special Overdose show. This one is a four hour show talking about lots of things, so just download it and listen.


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9 Responses to “Overdose Show 19”

  1. Description is from overdose show 18

  2. Thought about this about 44mins in.

  3. awwkwaaaaard

  4. I liked the Cornell Reid glasses at the beginning.

  5. “Insanely gorgeous man.” 0_0

  6. When I got my tattoos I kept them coated with non zinc AD ointment the whole time. It barely scabbed and healed quick. Zinc will pull the ink right out of the tattoo. 

  7. Patrick is so funny with earthquakes. 

  8. I can imagine Patrick squatting over a Bangkok toilet shouting “I need an adult!”

  9. Nothing wrong with keeping the show for yourself. At the same time, when you keep such tight ownership it’s hard to motivate people to help you consistently. Can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

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