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Aftershow 799 – Mike Bridenstine

Mike Bridenstine sticks around for an aftershow – OVER TWO HOURS of fun, the return of Cockfosters, and we order some Chinese food. We take your calls, we organize some London stuff, Chip Chip Chris calls in and is drunk as shit. Enjoy!


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8 Responses to “Aftershow 799 – Mike Bridenstine”

  1. Chris’s Nick Starr reference made me laugh.

  2. I laughed at the Lord Tensai reference 

  3. Come on then, where is the obligatory comment moaning about the chomping and gnashing sounds as two men devour a family sized feast!? Fantastic show again, as is often the case the aftershow is as good or if not better than the normal one (whether it’s because Patrick and the guest have built up the momentum or just got a little more drunk ).

    Chip chip sounds like good value when he’s pissed too!

  4. Chris challenging everything that was being said was so draining

  5. Chris totally ruined this aftershow.

  6. Chip chip take note, Stanhope quote> 
    [Nationalism:] All of a sudden you take pride in accomplishments that you had no part in whatsoever. 
    Stop it.

  7. I think Chip Chip Chris has told me “Glad to meet you.” two to three times now.

  8. I just watched two grown men gobble into a microphone for a good 10 minutes. Maybe it really is time to kill myself.

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