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Overdose Show 20 – Growler-cast with Patrick

This one is a hilarious FOUR HOUR show with Patrick drinking 64oz of craft beer from a growler, and hilarity ensues. Lots of calls from fans, lots of talk about the show and the old days, tons of hilarious random jokes and fun, and just a good-time party. This is one you will enjoy listening to, and you’ll enjoy watching in HD even more!

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8 Responses to “Overdose Show 20 – Growler-cast with Patrick”

  1. When I read this, I assumed it was a podcast of Patrick taking a shit.

  2. I joined overdose when it started just to support the show – wasn’t even able to listen at the time. Now that I’ve started getting into the content I’m so amazed at how much it adds to the show! You are missing out if you aren’t overdose!

  3. I only joined the overdose to prove that it was mortal.

  4. no

  5. Patrick has been hanging out with Al Jackson long enough to think missing two days of work this week is okay. 

  6. What two days of work did I miss? I am putting out 21 hours of audio this week.

  7. plpppp

  8. 🙁

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