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Aftershow 810c – Patrick, Moody and fans

PART THREE of an ELEVEN HOUR aftershow we did Friday night. Patrick comes back. Lots of fans calling in, Patrick is working on the website, Chris bails, and Jessica calls in talking about burgers. More craziness happens.

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10 Responses to “Aftershow 810c – Patrick, Moody and fans”

  1. More of the eating on mic?  Seriously – listen to someone else eat, especially constantly, on the mic.  Listen to that and see if that is what you want to be putting out there.  Really not a good look.

  2. REALLY? You’re complaining about 5 minutes of an ELEVEN hour show. Yes. I ate. You sound ridiculous.

  3. Oh okay – just heard Patrick ask someone what the noise was.  Maybe it wasn’t eating this time, but it was terribly annoying, especially listening theough earbuds.  WTFuck?

  4. Now you look even more ridiculous. Complain to me more about content. Or fast forward the parts you don’t like, like everyone else does.

  5. Jesus F. Christ, why do people insist on complaining about the most inane, meaningless shit? Does your life have that little meaning? Idiot.

  6. Bust.

  7. I don’t like to fast forward.  And I love you.

  8. And PS – It wasn’t 5 minutes.  It was going on for a very long time.  It wasn’t you eating.  Just for the record.  And I love you.

  9. Is “Really?” an ironic user name? Just wondering.

  10. 18 min in I say something along the lines of “I hope Chris’s laptop battery overheats and he catches fire in his bed.” I don’t remember that. Chris, I’m sorry.

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