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Making Eggs

Patrick makes eggs three ways, like a gourmet chef. This video was for an audition for a cooking show on the TV!

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13 Responses to “Making Eggs”

  1. “Shu-shut up” Love it.

  2. Please pull through to greatness. You’re welcome.

  3. Died at 2:14. I love how he slams the lid down. lol

  4. A piece of cilantro would’ve sent this dish over the edge.

  5. Totally got a Johnny Knoxville vibe when Patrick said “That’s how you lie to McDonalds.”

  6. Patrick is truly the master of eggs. Surprised he didn’t get that cooking show.

  7. Eggactly what I hoped it would be. A hard boiled look at cooking. He really scrambled to get it done right. Hopefully his sunny side up disposition will make a cooking show want to poach him from the podcasting world and he can live the over-easy life. Patrick is no eggs Benedict Arnold. Omelette you get on with your day now.

  8. Hey fuck you alright

  9. Oh, you’re punbelievable!

  10. Thanks for fixing the RSS feed for Overdose!

  11. Glad to help out the show… And I can’t take credit for the whole thing, it was Patricks idea how to fix it, I just did the programming.

  12. I like my eggs unfertilized.

  13. the McDonald’s part was giving me the “help me find my kitten”, by the white van creeps

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