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AS 867 – Josh Denny, D-Fritz

Josh sticks around for a bit to talk exercise and nutrition with Patrick. Patrick receives an email with a clip of another podcast talking about Patrick and NLO, and the guys listen and respond. We take calls, and Megan from Buffalo calls in again. We watch people sing a capella for no reason at all on a French metro.


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2 Responses to “AS 867 – Josh Denny, D-Fritz”

  1. oh how I hate josh denny. he is a detestable potato shaped leprechaun, with his racist lack luster personality. bragging about his girlfriend, who I’m sure its just using his short round aesthetically unpleasing ass. what woman, who has had strong black dick in her, respects an inappropriate pastey cartoon-like ‘man’, with a mcdonald’s tramp stamp, with a straw coming out of his ass (which, by the way looks like a cat got a hold of, bitch got more stretch marks than precious’s armpits). no real woman wants josh for him, only what he can provide. his whole bit should be to just walk on stage, saying nothing. his whole body is a prop joke and would kill. if I ever come face to face with josh, I’m going to rip that straw off his ass and ram it down his fckn throat.

  2. This post makes you look retarded. While Josh has his flaws, he is a genuinely funny comedian who contributes a great deal to the show. This post just screams look at me being an asshole. You don’t know Josh in person, how can someone ‘hate’ a man they’ve never met this much. He’s a successful comedian doing something with his life. You’re spending your time writing stupid posts like this. Get off your high horse and write a constructive comment, numb nuts.

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