December 15, 2023 PART 1: KEVIN BRENNAN is MEAN! I’ll RUIN Your Life OLD MAN! Jkjk PO Box Friday!

It’s’ Friday, and while there may be a peace settling over the Joey C and Melton feud, Kevin Brennan seems wound up about something else. Patrick woke up to a text calling him a pathetic piece of poo, but your guess is as good as anyone’s as to what it’s about. It seems like Kevin likes to be the guy investigating and asking questions, but he cannot handle the heat when it’s thrown back on him. How much of this show will be about Kevin Brennan? It’s hard to say. Friday’s are loose around here. just like every other day of the week. We’ve got a PO Box update and maybe some more from your favorites. Who knows what Friday has to offer? Don’t miss it!

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