December 15, 2023 PART 2: Let’s Get It Poppin Fresh! The After-MLC Breakdown!

Many hours have passed and the landscape has changed. Chad Zumock and Kate Meaney have been emboldened by the recent backlash of Kevin Brennan on Patrick. After gushing for weeks and calling him the sheriff of the dabbleverse, the worm has turned and Patrick is seemingly on the outs with the pink hot dog man. But Kevin doesn’t need Patrick. He has Ray, and Kate Meaney, and let’s not forget his number one son, Chad Zumock. Kevin says Patrick shouldn’t come to Atlantic City, but how could the Big Onion miss this party? It’s on in Atlantic City baby! Let’s wrap up the week and try to smooth things over on this second installment of the Friday Onion program. Kick back and relax with Melton and the kids! There’s no reason to be upset. This has all been a big misunderstanding!

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