December 28, 2023: Chad Zumock’s DESPERATE Show! Geno & Kiki CAVE! Kevin Is SCARED? WHOA!

The new year has the miseryverse in a spiral, and everyone seems to have forgotten their characters and lines! But too much snow and indoor light can make anyone nutty enough to forget their place. Kevin Brennan is completely off his rocker and cannot be helped. Chad Zumock has so much to prove to nobodies of people that he has booked one of his “cucks” to do his sad Atlantic City spitefest. How many tickets will sell to this garbage fire in the armpit of AC? Bob Levy has Kevin Brennan scared. Geno Bisconte and his girl are down to make a cool $200. Ray Devito stands his ground and rejects Chad’s show offers, but does anyone’s word mean anything anymore? Spoiler alert! NO!

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