February 1, 2024: Chad Zumock PICKLES His Liver Live! Watch An ANGRY CLEVELAND ZERO Cope!

It’s a new month, and before that groundhog steals the thunder from the dabble verse tomorrow, Patrick has some snacks to pass out to the group. Chad Zumock has been drinking all weekend after one of the best weekends of his life. Let’s watch a 50-year-old man gush about three shows as a feature act at a club in his home town as if he were on tour opening for Taylor Swift in stadiums. Nobody can take this feeling from Chad – nobody. We examine Chad in depth and try to understand how a man who professes to be living the life of a winner continues to be so joyless and unhappy everyday. What is the core of Chad’s disappointment? Why does he keep having these tantrums and drunken embarrassing reveals live for the world to see?

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