February 5, 2024: CHAD ZUMOCK’s Early Years! STEEL TOE Struggle Show!

Another weekend has come and gone, with Chad Zumock sitting alone in his dark apartment, drinking himself to the point of being paralyzingly afraid of hitting the GO LIVE button on his little Playskool laptop. How many shows will the Mudshark do this week before the big Atlantic City meetup? How will Chad’s big standup show – the one he’s throwing to ‘give back’ and surprise people by ‘doing something’ in this stupid podcast world. We listen to Chad’s own words describing how he thinks it will play out. We also take a look at Chad’s origin story to find out exactly where this preppy peanut got too puffed up for his own good. PLUS Steel Toe Morning Show is back with Aaron Imholte and his lil buddy Johnny, and they’re reading chats and cranking out no content better than anyone in Minnesota.

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