KRUTCHES KRUMBLES! Steel Toe Sidekick CRIES & COLLAPESES. On Air After Criticism! (Part One)

INT. BASEMENT – MORNING. The Steel Toe Morning Show starring Aaron Imholte and his sideshow freaks has been on air for 28 minutes and something goes horribly wrong. Come watch a man with MS crumble to the ground before our very eyes. Someone remind me – does MS stand for MUCH SENSITIVE? Nobody ever thought Johnny had talent, a personality, or even a voice for the radio, but we have always left the little crutch critter alone. Out of the darkness steps the most unlikely hero in Mersh, who fires a shot across the crippled bow of Krunchman that lands with such precision that it shall be talked about henceforth! Behold as the second cohost in as many months runs from the broadcast in tears, only to return and do it again TWO MORE TIMES before Mooby waves the white flag, declares the internet a bunch of meanies, and loses another wrestling match with his conscious over which of his stupid friends to side with. One thing is becoming very clear – Mooby better learn to fly solo!

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