March 1, 2024: CHAD ZUMOCK Gets MEALS ON WHEELS! Addicted To Profits (David Skarica) Is BACK!

You couldn’t ask for a more complete breakfast! Patrick has a whole floor that is sticky with weirdos and trash, and today we are going to do our best to sweep them up. Our girl Summer Sinclair seems to have been spotted in the wild, and her real-life self is worse than her acting. Our Bahamian boob David Skarica aka Addicted to Profits is back and wants to be a guy without being a guy. Steel Toe goes through the motions of doing their Rumble Friday show. Chad Zumock is looking ROUGH and he’s started pulling videos down from YouTube so people don’t stare at his gray hair and gut. Kevin Brennan is back on Shuli and Bob Levy again, and you have to wonder why he is so obsessed with how other people are doing.

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