March 21, 2024: RAY DEVITO Has Some Ideas! KEVIN BRENNAN Is A Teen Girl With NO FRIENDS!

We left the Ray Devito and Kevin Brennan stuff alone for a day or two, but the pink hot dog man cannot let it go. He’s like a scorned rich teen girl with no friends who got dumped and now has to pay less popular kids to listen to her complain about the one that got away. Ray Devito keeps letting people convince him of almost anything, causing him to constantly waver on his commitment to Hackamania. Liam backs out of Hackamania to stick it to Patrick, even though no one knows who he is or why he was coming in the first place. The Steel Toe Morning Show has had some weird behavior this week, and you know Patrick has some thoughts about it. Is April Imholte on some sort of drugs? What’s going on in that house? Is Aaron Imholte using his kids as an excuse? Is Ashley Larue tattling on her ex-husband?

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