March 22, 2024: STEEL TOE Makes Up Another Win! SHULI + SuperTip? Is RED BAR Dead?

It’s Friday and there’s so many loose ends to wrap up, there’s no telling where this show is going to go. Patrick wanted so much for this show to include the conclusion of Michael Ray Bower and his computer tour. He really wanted to show you what Summer Sinclair is trying to pass off as standup comedy. He had so many dreams of dissecting the Insane Clown Posse and their obsession with ratchet people and fizzy cheap drinks. But the Steel Toe is too strong. The Aaron Imholte and April Imholte chemistry proves to be irresistible. Where is April’s ring? Does she have a job? Is Steel Toe Bigger than Red Bar now? Steel Toe Morning Show has buried their heads further in the sand while screaming about how they are beating everyone else.

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