March 29, 2024: Steel Toe BACKPEDALS Their Own Failure! We CAN’T STOP These Minnesota LOLCOWS!

We’ve got a lot to comb over in the Steel Toe universe today. Patrick takes a few days to catch up on some of the other happenings, and the cope and excuses have been flowing from the Minnesota trash couple. Wait until you hear the reasoning behind April Imholte’s complete lethargy over the past two months. Poor April doesn’t know where to buy stamps, or how to track packages, or where all her envelopes have gone! How will this couple ever survive! With all of the winning going on in the Steel Toe universe, Mooby sets his sights on Compound Media, for the umpteenth time going in to a fantasy description of what it would be like for him and April to actually be paid for their talent, or lack thereof.

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