NLO 1309: Boom Roasted


Patrick is in the studio with a plethora of Texas comedians performing haphazard interventions. Comedians Alex “Kool Aid” Ansel, Adam Dominguez, and George White put on a clinic for how to jump around from topic to topic with grace. George is addicted to social media and we plead with him to put the phone down. Alex has a newfound confidence inspired by his recent coupling and loss of virginity. And poor Adam has no idea what’s happening as we try to corral this show towards some sort of cohesive culmination. Patrick has some new shoes that he thinks might be a little feminine, Derek Savage can’t decide if Cool Cat likes or hates violence, and more.

Episode Guests

Adam Dominguez

Adam Dominguez

Las Vegas, NV
George White

George White

Las Vegas, NV

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