NLO 1339: Thai Buffet

When will the onslaught of Thai content cease? I don’t see an end to it any time soon, as long as he keeps cranking out gay gold. Patrick is back after a problem being DDOS attacked the day before and not being able to stream. Some people do not want the hard truths exposed. Patrick explains why having a mental breakdown is good, and probably normal. Patrick wants to see all of your Screen Time! We take a look inside the mind of simple people. In our first ever exploration of Thai’s tweets and Facebook wall, we discover a teenage locker covered in bad jokes and mom-safe porn that would make Tori Spelling’s skin burp. Las Vegas comedians need to learn to trust Patrick with their #SECRETS. What’s more upsetting? The low comedy bar that Thai has subjected his tortured followers to, or the sad sycophantic comedians lapping it up with LOLs? You be the judge.

Episode Guests

Adam Dominguez

Adam Dominguez

Las Vegas, NV
Thai Rivera

Thai Rivera

Las Vegas, NV

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